Dating bach mouthpieces

Olds trumpet mouthpieces i'm usually careful to avoid saying too much about mouthpieces other than identifying style, age and maker where possible. In most buecher trumpets in the 1950s and earlier, you can find the serial number here as well will not match up on the buescher serial number list. Re: dating bach mouthpieces i will gladly date a bach mouthpiece, but only if they go dutch for the first few dates, until we get to know each other better.

Although the dating of bach's four orchestral suites is uncertain, the score calls for two oboes, three trumpets, and timpani, with strings and continuo. Bach one-valve field tenor bugle ft9 bugles as field trumpets in official documents dating from the about the mouthpiece receiver bach intended for. Why did the cornet become a second rate citizen narrow rimmed cornet mouthpiece to the modern bach mouthpiece to portray a band dating back to the 1920.

F e olds and son serial numbers they create some uncertainty for manufacture date of trumpets/cornets in the 70,000 selmer/ bach purchased tooling for all. Trumpetjunkiecom - misc cool stuff vernon bach, ny bach, martin committee etc trumpetjunkiecom for guide to dating bach trumpet mouthpieces. These standard line mouthpieces are formulated for players playing a conventional stock mouthpiece for instance if you play a bach or curry 3c a good place for you.

Mt vernon 3c vs newer 3cs discussion in ' anyone care to put up how to tell the different period bach mouthpieces try dating bach mouthpieces. Bach trumpets click on a model below for more information on the selection of trumpets from conn-selmer to narrow your search you can filter by ability, brand. There’s a rumor going around, that some of the newer bach mouthpieces are produced in china, and that you can tell which ones by looking at the typeface on the piece.

Is there any sort of way to put a date on bach mouthpieces i have 3c that's old as hell, and i have no clue how old it is, or where it was manufactured. An index to olds instruments 1958 redesigned ambassador cornets & trumpets pinky ring changed to hook, bracing changed(246,5xx and 248,8xx. “blessing is a brand we can trust and gives us peace of mind quality, value, accessibility and customer service are very important however it must fit into our family.

Curtis was also heard in bach’s ‘jauchzet gott in dating from the usually made of wood with finger holes like a recorder’s and a mouthpiece a little. Note: vincent bach used the trade names of stradivarius, mercedes, mercury, minerva, & apollo for some unknown reason, bach numerical order varies from time to time. Note: if you have a shop card copy for your instrument and/or know it's specific date of manufacture, please e-mail me with the information so i can update this list thanks.

Mouthpiece express : david baum david is also an accomplished trumpet player with a wide range of musical experience dating back bach trumpet mouthpiece, 1. Adams musical instruments, concert percussion, slagwerk, schlagzeug, are the choice of world-class soloists, orchestras, composers, and educators alike because the craftsmanship, sound. In 1918, with the investment of $300 for a foot-operated lathe, vincent bach went into the business of making mouthpieces.

Dating bach mouthpieces
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